Tensiomin® BD 435
Electronic thread tension meter with digital display
   handheld device with integrated amplifier
  for tension measurement on
    textile threads and magnetic tapes
  digital display
  minimal friction by ceramic oxide coated
   guide elements
  memory function for actual value
•  available in 6 rated load ranges:
   0 to 50cN ... 0 to 1daN

This convenient unit - comprising the sensor, electronics and display - is used primarily to measure tensile forces encountered when producing textiles, video tapes and audio tapes.
Convenient one-hand operation and modest space requirements make the BD 435 particularly suitable for brief, routine measurement operations - even at locations which are limited in their accessibility.

Special features
  automatic threading
  operated with rechargeable battery
  minimum deflection of the product to be measured
  lightweight and compact - no separate power pack or cable
  minimum friction
  memory function of measured values
  integration period of 0,3 or 1,5sec
  high precision and accuracy
  digital display reduces the chances of interpretation errors
  rugged aluminium housing


K544033-E - Measuring direction
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Tensiomin® BD 435
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