Unwinder for tension-sensitive coilable material, tangential
   for ultra-fine wire, gold wire, bonding wire, monofilament,
    optical fiber, tapes, hollow fibre, etc.
  highly dynamic, motor driven unwinder
  optimally suitable for discontinuous production processes,
   such as Raschel or weaving
  smoothly, no tension peaks
  nonwearing and maintenance-free
•  tension range: 2 or 5 to 100cN, stepless adjustable

VacuTens is the key component for gently feeding tension-sensible coilable materials.
Fine and ultra-fine wires, capillary membrane fibres, filaments, optical fibers, etc.
VacuTens operates tension-controlled, adjustable in a range of 5 to 100cN.
With version SLT (Super Low Tension) even beginning at 2cN.
The material is unwound tangentially (torsion-free).
The usage is stand-alone, that means without an electrical link-up to the production line.
Thereby VacuTens absolutely ensures reliable processing and stability.

VacuTens is based on a highly dynamic, extra low-mass material accumulator.

The accumulator position is detected electronically, used to control the electromotively driven unwinding spindle.

A high resolution tension sensor with superb long-term stability measures the tension in the line.

The package support is done comfortably by means of a chuck with quick-mount function.

Design variants
The described design is only examplary.
VacuTens kann be customized regarding
  tension range
  accumulator volume
  bending radius

Special features
  similarly suitable for gentle feeding
    - into quasi-static, slow-going processes as well as
    - on high-dynamic and fast applications or
    - on discontinuous material take-off
  tangential, torsion-free unwinding
  offers high accumulator capacity
  very low masses moving
  accumulator pulley with air suspension guarantees minimal friction moments and
    enables an extra low tension niveau
  low vacuum consumption (3 to 10 l/min)
  compact design, small size ration
  gentle to the material by avoiding tension peaks
  large bending radius for the material
  stepless adjustment of line tension
  spool spanning with quick-mounting function
  suitable for cleanroom applications
  longlife, nonwearing and maintenance-free
  modular concept - for fixed installation or with mobile support frame

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Mobile rack
  aluminium profile system
  4 steering rollers
  completely mounted


Function module vacuum pump
  vacuum pump
    for general purposes

Vacuum pump
 rotary vane vacuum pump
 dry running
 air-flow 4m3/h

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RFS® 150
  single-roller system
  for a wide variety of applications
easy to adapt
•  FN=> 1N to 3000N
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