Cable / Wire Tension Sensor CableBull®
for measurement on pretensioned cables and belts
 •  rugged design, compact lightweight
•  comfortable quick lock for threading
  high accuracy and reproducibility
  calibrated for the following material diameters:
    1-8 / 4-12 / 8-16 / 14-22 / 20-30 / 28-38 / 36-46mm
    (individual calibration of each 
    material diameter is not necessary)
  12 rated load ranges available:
    0 to 1kN ...   0 to 300kN

The sensor is used for tension measurement
  on pretensionend cables and belts in open and closed Force Systems
  at very high forces

CableBull® is the technical innovation
               for mobile tension measurement in Closed Force Systems (CFS).

Exact tension measurement in CFS with handheld equipment is up to now not possible and
typically afflicted with high measuring errors.
(Already a small change of the geometry in CFS causes a marked variation of tension.)
The unique conception of Honigmann CableBull® fulfills this complicated measurement job.
The typical measuring error is in the range of 1%.
An expensive, individual calibration of each materiel diameter is not necessary.

CableBull® first-time enables engineers precise measurements in CFS
with very easy handling:
  - take CableBull® to measuring position

  - turning the lock-lever 180°

  - measuring

Tension measurement:
  aerial mast stays
  aircraft support cables
  catenary ropes for railways and trams
  guy-wires for antennas and masts
  guy-wires for chimneys
  moving ropes
  overhead cables / open wires
  pre-loaded wire ropes
  ropes for shipping
  ropes for fishing
  small tapes and belts
  suspension and transmission lines
  stay ropes and cables, static wires
  steel wire ropes, braided tension wires
  towing ropes and belts
  solid rods
Range of application:
  cranes and hoists
  crown bracing on trees
  equalise loadings on multi-cable assemblies
  earthquake-proof construction
  event rope technology
  guying on buildings
  climbing frames
  industry applications
  lifts and elevators
  spreader at container crane
  load spreading of multiple ropes
  manufacturing of pre-stressed concrete PC
  ship rigging / rig
  silo rigging
  ski sites
  hail protection systems
  stage and set building / rigging
  street lighting, christmas illumination
  telescope and extension mast
  staging / scaffolding anchor
  flare stacks / gas flares
  towing of loads
  transportation lock
  vehicle pull and logging
  water ski sites
  cable railing
  steep slope logging

Special features
  minimal sensor influence on the tension by smallest deflection angle
   (thus avoiding a damage of the rope)
  by means of the Diameter Compensator independent of material diameter
   (individual calibration of each material diameter is not necessary)
  hardened steel skids with special DRS-shape of contact surface (Dual Radius Skid)
    They are used, when the rope is not moving through the sensor.
  hardened steel rollers with special DRR-shape of running surface (Dual Radius Roller)
    They are used, when the rope is moving through the sensor.
  high resolution and precision

CableBull® ...   the best world wide

Construction sizes, diameter and force ranges

 400mm measurement path
Ø range [mm] Type Nominal force [kN] 
    LR (Low Range) Standard HR (High Range)
1-8 S-R08 / 400 1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30 40    
4-12 S-R12 / 400 1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30 40    

 500mm measurement path
Ø range [mm] Type Nominal force [kN] 
    LR (Low Range) Standard HR (High Range)
1-8 S-R08 / 500 1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30 40    
4-12 S-R12 / 500 1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30 40    

 600mm measurement path (Preferred construction size )
Ø range [mm] Type Nominal force [kN] 
    LR (Low Range) Standard HR (High Range)
1-8 S-R08 / 600 1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30 40    
4-12 S-R12 / 600 1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30 40    
8-16 S-R16 / 600 1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30 40    

 800mm measurement path
Ø range [mm] Type Nominal force [kN] 
    Standard HR (High Range) XR (Extended Range)
4-12 S-R12 / 800 5 10 20 30 40 50 100        
8-16 S-R16 / 800 5 10 20 30 40 50 100        
14-22 S-R22 / 800 5 10 20 30 40 50 100 200      
20-30 S-R30 / 800 5 10 20 30 40 50 100 200
    Standard HR (High Range) XRX
28-38 S-R38 / 800       30 40 50 100 200 300
36-46 S-R46 / 800       30 40 50 100 200 300

 1000mm measurement path
Ø range [mm] Type Nominal force [kN] 
    Standard HR (High Range) XR (Extended Range)
28-38 S-R38 / 1000       30 40 50 100 200      
36-46 S-R46 / 1000       30 40 50 100 200      

The measuring range of the sensor begins at force’s zero point.
Nominal forces differing from the list are available.

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Schematic diagrams of force systems
CableBull is für suitable for the following applications.

closed force system (CFS):

open force systems:



Closing and opening of measuring geometry


Lock-lever on front side

Lock-lever on the rear

  splash proofed version



Carrying case
  rugged design

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Special features
Construction sizes, diameter and force ranges
Schematic diagrams of force systems
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