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Unwinders / Splicers
tension controlled, independent of the line speed
for self-adhesive tape

LW 400
  for self-adhesive tapes
  for sleeve Ø 6"
  tape roll width 400 mm
•  FN=> 50cN to 170cN

OS 401W
 with Auto-Splice
  for self-adhesive tapes
 for sleeve Ø 6"
•  FN=> 80cN to 170cN

for foiltop 

LW 400 S - PE
  for PE foil, width 5 to 25mm
  pneumatic clamping mandrel
  roll width 430 mm
•  FN=> 50cN to 170cN

LW 550
  for foils / flock tape
  tape roll width 550 mm
•  FN=> 50cN to 170cN


LW 80
  for foils
  for sleeve Ø 3"
  material width 80 mm
•  FN=> 50cN to 170cN

for tension-sensitive materialtop 

  for extra-fine wire, fiber, etc.
•  FN=> (2cN) 5cN to 100cN

customized versionstop 

LW 300 LWL
  for optical fibers
•  FN=> 25cN to 105cN

LW 200 HF-SO
  for hollow fibre mats
  material width up to 200 mm
•  FN=> 50cN to 170cN


for self-adhesive tape
for foil
for tension-sensitive material
customized versions
Explanation of grammalogue:

FN => rated tension range
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