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Surface Voltage Meter SVM 217E
Non-contacting measurement of electrostatic charge
 measurement of the electrostatic charge of filaments
examination of electrostatic properties of filaments
and preparations
measurement range up to 3kV
analog output for data acquisition
digital lines for remote control
complete integration into the HCC-F-system

The electrostatic voltmeter in combination with a sensor, that allows measurements on a small spot of approx. 1mm diameter, is suitable espacially for the measurement of the electrostatic charge at yarns and filaments. The measurements can be performed directly at the yarn, additional shieldings are not necessary.
Using this device it is possible to examine the electrostatic properties of yarns as well as the influence of spin finish fluids to the electrostatic properties.
By the high reproducibility and the stability for a long time the voltmeter is suitable not only for R&D, but also for watching production processes.

Special features
  non-contacting measurements
  high frequency resolution
  value output as analog signal 3V
  simple handling

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Surface Voltage Meter SVM 217E
Special features
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