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Preparation pump PQ 255
Precision pump for use in laboratory and production
 for dosing of preparations and spin finish oils
close-loop-controlled servo driver
two fluid outlets, different variants
integratable into process controlling
pump module easy to change
conveying capacities availbale:
0-6,0ml/min and 0-3,0ml/min (standard)
0-2,4ml/min and 0-1,2ml/min
and 0-0,9ml/min

The PQ255 unit is a high-precision metering pump intended specifically for use with aqueous or oil-based finishing or lubricating liquids. The PQ255 comprises a total of three modules, all mounted in a compact table-top housing:
metering pump module containing the pump and the electronically regulated servomotor
the control and display module
the RV509 rotation speed controller
Using modern technology and high-quality components makes it possible to achieve exceptionally high accuracy and stability of the dosed volume. The PQ255 is used in the laboratory and manufacturing operations wherever a finish is to applied with high metering accuracy. High-speed processes can also be served with great precision.

Special features
  modular construction
  modern 19“ - design
  pump module available with various conveying capacities:
     •  0,05 ml/turn corresponds to   0-6,0ml/min and 0-3,0ml/min (standard)
     •  0,02 ml/turn corresponds to   0-2,4ml/min and 0-1,2ml/min
     •  0,015 ml/turn corresponds to 0-1,8ml/min and 0-0,9ml/min
  pump module easy to change
  pump module can slightly be gathered for cleaning
  electronically regulated motor with Honigmann regulator RV509
  controlled manually or by the software HCC-F

Pump PQ 255
Special features
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