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Software HCC-P
Software for data acquisition, analysis and to control the coil property testers
   special software for Honigmann’s coil property tester
  data aquisition and saving
  online display of the measured data
  online calculation of
    - a characteristic value
    - statistical data
  analysis functions for measurements
  data export functions
  functionality to perform measurement efficiently

Honigmann Computer Control - Rewinding Performance Measurement
The HCC-P software, used in conjunction with the Honigmann CPT 050, provides automated, precision measurement of the properties of rewinding bobbins, especially at elastic fibers and yarns.

Running on the Windows® platform, the HCC-P offers complete, high-level functionality for
  online measurement data capture and evaluation,
  automatic documentation and output of the results.

HCC-P makes available to the operator all the advantages of a graphic user interface.
The data acquisition, the evaluation of the measurement and, ultimately, the presentation of the results can be handled quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of operator effort.
The concept behind the overall system is consistently targeted on working to the specific testing standards and quality standards (e.g. DIN/ISO 900x). When recording the individual measurements not only the final results will be stored but all the peripheral parameters, as well, such as the F1 tensile force, take-off speed, measurement period, date, operator identification, temperature, relative humidity etc.

Special features
Data aquisition
  on-line representation of all measured values
  digital display of the actual value
  on-line calculation of the statistics
  on-line calculation of the weighting factor
  informations about the operating state of the software

Analysis funtions (samples)
  standard statistics (mean, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, cv)
  zoom functions of all areas of the diagramms in t- und y-direction
  automatic calculation of statistics for the actual zoom-view
  cursor function with display of the actual positions
  filter functions with adjustable cut-off frequencies
  each measurement can be commented individually

Export- and print functions
  direct print of the analysis screen (colored or B/W, depends on the selected printer)
  generation of bitmap-files for the further work with other programs
  configurable label print (with option HCC-Label)
  generation of ASCII-files for the further work with other programs

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Software module HCC-Label
•  meas. results on labels
•  for efficient documentation

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Software HCC-P
Special features
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