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PPT 100 - Package Performance Tester
Analysis of rewinding properties of bobbins
  acquisition of very fast tension variations greater than 10kHz
•  Package Perfomance Factor PPF for determination
    of the rewinding characteristics
•  thread take-off speed up to 1200m/min
    (3000m/min optional)
  powerful software

The Package Performance Tester PPT 100 is an appliance to examine the unwinding characteristics of bobbins.
A thread is rewinded from the bobbin with a well-defined constant speed.
The software HCC-PPT is designed to acquire and store measuring data for analyzing them
at once or later.
The quality of the take-off characteristics is desribed by the Package Performance Factor PPF.

The screenshots show various zooms of a measurement over 5 minutes:

Special features
  direct, very precise tension measurement without unnecessary influences of friction
  high flexibilty by modular design
  professional high-end solution
  use of top-quality components

Tension sensor
  high capability; very fast tension variations in a frequency range of 0 to >10kHz
    are acquired precisely and free of error
  high resolution and long-term stable
  very robust, in spite of high resolution of lowest tension
  ceramic of the measuring pin optimized for low friction
  pivoted for threading and control of zero setting

Thread take-off
  take-off speed 1200m/min (up to 3000m/min available)
  quiet drive and smooth vibration-free running
  controlled or automatically by the HCC software or manually

  comfortable, intuitive usage - based on Windows®
  high sample frequency of 100kHz
  data acquisition with 16 bit resolution
  long-term measurements possible; limited by the capacity of hard disk only
  fast loading and analyzing - even at long-term measurements with high amount of data
  automated measuring cycle - software controlled thread take-off unit
  AutoZero - software controlled zero setting of the measuring chain
  RealTime statistics during measurement
  automatic calculation of the Package Performance Factor PPF
  analysis functions, e.g. statistics, frequency analysis, histogram, zoom and cursor functions
  continuous documentation of measurements and set points
  data export into ASCII format
PPT 100
Package Performance Tester
Special features
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