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Take-off unit FAG 002
Ultra low speed thread take-off unit for use in laboratory and production
 compact device for the accurate thread take-off
design in 19 -technology
take-off speed 0-2m/min
different variations available

This precision take-off unit was designed with a view toward maximum flexibility in custom-specific measurement configurations in the laboratory.
In addition to its attractive design, its simple handling and 19“ -technology form the basis for effective utilization whatever assignment may be at hand.

Special features
  take-off speed up 0 to 2m/min
  10-turn-helical potentiometer for exact speed adjustment
  slotted take-off godet to cut away wounded package
  digital dispaly of the take-off speed
  output for the actual value of the speed, analog signal
  stackable 19“ -housing with carrying handles
  adjustable input and output level
  high safety against electromagnetic disturbing by complete shielded case

FAG 002 E with external set-point
Same as the basic unit, but in addition:
set point input for analog signals for external control
FAG 002
Special features
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