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MULTILAB - Test instruments for textile laboratories
sorted by application
Friction measurement

Measurement of friction at yarns and filaments

Software HCC-F
Software for friction measurements and analysis
Abrasion measurementtop 

Abrasion tester
Abrasion measurement at filaments and yarns

Software HCC-A
Software for analysing the abrasive characteristics of filaments and yarns
Take-off characteristicstop 

CPT 050
Coil Property Tester

Analysis of rewinding characteristics of elastic yarns

Software HCC-P
Software for analysis of unwinding characteristics of yarns

PPT 100
Package Performance Tester

Analysis of rewinding properties of bobbins
Thread take - offtop 

FAG 800
Thread take-off unit
0to 800m/min

FAG 3000
Thread take-off unit 
  0 to 3000m/min

FAG 25
Thread take-off unit 
  0 to 25m/min

FAG 060 Stick-Slip
Thread take-off unit
ultra low speed
for stick-slip measurements
0,1 to 60mm/min
Spin - finishtop 

Pump PQ 255
dosing of preparations
controlled servo-drive
two fluid outlets
0-0,9up to6,0ml/min


Surface Voltage Meter SVM 217E
analog signal output
integrated into HCC-F
meas. range up to 3kV


Friction measurement
Abrasion measurement
Take-off characteristics
Thread take - off
Spin - finish
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