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Abrasion tester
Testing device for abrasion measurement
 •  continuous measurement of abrasion along
    the length of the yarn
•  quick, qualitative information
•  requiring only a small amount of yarn
•  stable, standardized conditions of measurement

It is often not possible to fully exploit the performance potential of modern fiber processing machinary, because under practical conditions unexpected downtime is experienced by abrasion of guiding machine elements.
The abrasion tester delivers qualitative information about the abrasive properties of fibers and yarns by an unique measurement process. On-line and just within a few minutes

The abrasive characteristics of a product, respectively the positive, abrasion-reducing properties of a spin finish oil can be exactly quantified for the first time now.
The abrasion tester is suitable for many purposes:
•  analyzing the influence of the concentration and composition of 
    - finishes
    - dyes delustring
    - agents
    - polymer additives etc.
•  isolating the effects of individual substances in spin finish oils
•  examining the effects of the sectional form of fibers and their titers
•  production control
•  investigating the causes of abrasive properties of fibers and yarns
•  preventive identification of yarns, which would cause abrasion, 
   prior to further processing
•  quick, clear analysis of the potential for abrasion
•  determining the anticipated needle service lives

Special features
•  modular 19”-construction
•  small dissipation of test material
•  influencing variables close at the real-world situation
•  isolation of factors causing the abrasion
•  exact, reproducible measuring results
•  basis for creating a reference standard


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Software HCC-A
•  special software for Honigmann abrasion tester
•  data acquisition and saving
•  analysis functions for measurements
•  data export functions
•  administration of the control data sets
•  functionality to perform measurement efficiently

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Software module HCC-Label
•  meas. results on labels
•  for efficient documentation

Recommended periphery

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FAG 800
Thread take-off unit 
•  19"-technology
•  stackable
•  0 to 800m/min

Thermo- / Hygrometer
•  room temperature
•  air humidity
•  analog signal outputs

Label Writer
•  prints test result
•  use with HCC-Label


Info Software HCC-A
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Abrasion tester
Special features
Recommended periphery
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