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Software HCC-A
Software for data acquisition and analysis with the abrasion tester
   special software for Honigmann abrasion tester
  data acquisition and saving
 analysis functions for measurements
  data export functions
 administration of the control data sets
 functionality to perform measurement efficiently

Honigmann Computer Control - Precision Abrasion Tester
The HCC-A software, used in combination with the Honigmann abrasion tester, provides precision measurement of the abrasive characteristics of fibers and yarns.

Running on Windows® operating systems HCC-A offers complete, high-level functionality for
     •  online measurement data aquisition and evaluation,
     •  automatic documentation and output of the results.

HCC-A makes available to the operator all the advantages of a graphic user interface. Thanks to this the data acquisition, the evaluation of the measurement and, ultimately, the presentation of the results can be handled quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of operator effort.
The concept behind the overall system is consistently targeted on working to the specific testing standards (e.g. ASTM) and quality standards (e.g. DIN/ISO 900x). When recording the individual measurements not only the final results will be stored but all the peripheral parameters, as well, such as the F1 tensile force, abrasion, take-off speed, measurement period, date, operator identification, temperature, relative humidity etc.


Special features
Data acquisition
  on-line presentation of the measured values of abrasion and tension
    shown as a graph and digital value
 on-line calculation and presentation of the statistics
 informations about the operating state during testing process

Analysis funtions (samples)
 standard statistics (mean, maximum, minimum, standard deviation)
•  comfortable zoom and cursor functions
•  !!automatic calculation of the abrasion graph slope!!
•  signal filter with selectable cut-off frequencies
  manifold possibilities for comments on the measurement and its parameters

Export- and print functions
  graphic output of analysis
•  ASCII-file for export
  configurable label print (with option HCC-Label)

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Software module HCC-Label
•  meas. results on labels
•  for efficient documentation

Recommended periphery

Label Writer
  prints test result
 use with HCC-Label

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Info Software HCC-A
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Software HCC-A
Special features
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