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Rewinding machine UW200 HF-SZ
Motor driven rewinding station with angled pulling unit
for OXYPHAN® and HEXPET® fibre mats
   rewinding with defined pulling angle
  for mat widths from 80 to 200mm
  adjustable tension from 100 to 800 cN
  fast-action chucks for clamping the rolls
  automatic mat clamping
  intuitive handling by means of touch screen terminal
  stationary unit with motor-driven lifting column

The rewinding machine UW 200 HF-SZ is used to
- unwind OXYPHAN® and HEXPET® fiber mats from a parent roll,
- pull them obliqued at a certain angle and
- wind them up on a daughter roll.
Rewinding is tension-controlled and can be operated to a defined length. The angular pulling unit produces a decreased mat width.Tension is adjustable in the range of 100cN to 800cN.

The machine is designed as stationary unit with a lifting column. The working heigth is electrically adjustable.
UW 200 HF-SZ is a combination of modern motion control and innovative sensors as well as sensitive but sturdy mechanical design.

Special features
  for mat widths from 80 to 200mm
  stepless adjustable line tension in the range of 50 to 1200 cN
  all guide rollers are designed with
     - low mass
     - easy-running bearing technology
  roller surfaces hard anodized, food safe
  patented dancer system for sensitive tension control
  precise tension sensor roll
  length measuring roll
  easy winding core handling by hand-operated chuck
    with quick-mount function and tactile clamp acknowledgement
  automatic mat clamping, pneumatically operated
  control and display panel with touch screen panel
  stationary unit with
    - solid, anodized aluminium front panel,
    - closed, rugged steel-sheet housing and
    - motor-driven lifting column
  long-life and basically maintenance-low components

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Dimensions UW200HF-SZ
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UW 200 HF-SZ
Special features
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